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Logo: DeckTrack

DeckTrack is an intuitive cloud-based app which allows event professionals to monitor and manage conference presentations in real-time.

How it works

DeckTrack uses a PowerPoint add-in to share presentation data with your dashboard. The add-in needs to be installed on all the machines you'd like to monitor using DeckTrack.

DeckTrack Dashboard

The Decktrack PowerPoint add-in

This information is then displayed on the DeckTrack dashboard, which can be viewed in any modern web browser.

DeckTrack Dashboard

The DeckTrack dashboard

DeckTrack can share can share the following information about your presentations:

  • The current slide
  • The current slide build position
  • Details of the presentation machine (e.g. name, IP address, etc.)
  • Details off the file being presented (e.g. name, path, etc.)

Optionally, DeckTrack can share:

  • An thumbnail image of the current slide