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Add in configuration

The DeckTrack add-in can be configured using the DeckTrack tab on the ribbon in PowerPoint. If you don't have this tab, check that the add-in is installed correctly.


In this section you can:

  • Enable and disable the add-in. Disabling the add-in will stop any information being sent to DeckTrack.
  • Choose whether to share the current slide preview. This will send a thumbnail image of the current slide to DeckTrack.

For privacy reasons, slide sharing is disabled by default when you open a PowerPoint file - see our page on data sharing and management for more details.

Account details

In this section you can:

  • Set the show code. This is the five-character code that identifies which DeckTrack account the machine should attempt to connect to.
  • Set the machine name - this is the name that will be displayed on the dashboard.

Other tools

You can also view event logs, get info about the add-in and see the connection status.