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The PowerPoint add-in

PowerPoint machines share information with DeckTrack using a PowerPoint add-in. This add-in needs to be installed on each machine you want to track.

Downloading the add-in

The add-in can be downloaded from the downloads page.


  • Download the .zip file from our downloads page and save it to your computer
  • Unpack the .zip file to a temporary folder
  • Run setup.exe from the temporary folder
  • Once installation is complete, delete your temporary folder.

This COM add-in for PowerPoint requires some supporting frameworks, including:

  • Microsoft .NET 4.7.1 (66MB)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime (38MB)
  • Your computer will automatically download and install these items direct from Microsoft, if required.

Finally, if PowerPoint is currently running on your machine, you'll need to close and re-open it to load up the add-in.

Checking the add-in is running

The DeckTrack Add-in will add a new DeckTrack tab to your PowerPoint ribbon. Using this tab you can configure the add-in and view the current status.

DeckTrack Dashboard

The Decktrack PowerPoint add-in

You can view a list of active add-ins by opening PowerPoint and browsing to File > Options > Add-ins. Here you can also enable and disable the add-in using the Manage COM Add-ins option.

Updating the add-in

To update your PowerPoint add-in, it's necessary to remove the old add-in before installing the new one.

To do this, please follow these steps:

  • Close PowerPoint
  • Go to Start - Settings - Apps and search for DeckTrack
  • Uninstall the old add-in
  • Download and install the new version
  • Restart PowerPoint

Removing the add-in

To uninstall the add-in, use the standard tools in Windows:

  • Go to Start - Settings - Apps and search for DeckTrack
  • Select DeckTrack PowerPoint add-in and then Uninstall