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Capabilities & limitations

Is DeckTrack the right tool for you?


  • Cross-platform dashboard - The web-based DeckTrack dashboard works in all modern browsers, including mobile browsers. This means you can view your presentation information on any device, anywhere.
  • Real-time updates - The dashboard updates in real-time - this means you can see what's happening on your PowerPoint machines as it happens.


  • All presentation machines must be running PowerPoint on Windows - As we rely on a PowerPoint add-in to share presentation information, DeckTrack can only track PowerPoint on Windows machines. PowerPoint on macOS does not support add-ins.
  • No Keynote or Google Slides support - DeckTrack can only track PowerPoint presentations. We're looking into supporting Keynote and Google Slides in the future.
  • Live slide previews have some limits - DeckTrack can only show static slide previews - this means that individual slide builds and embedded videos are not shown on the dashboard.
  • PowerPoint machines must have internet access - DeckTrack uses the internet to communicate between the presentation machine and our servers. This means that the presentation machine must have internet access. If you're using a corporate network or VPN, you may need to allow access to our servers at
  • Only one slide show per machine - DeckTrack can only track one slide show per machine. You can have multiple PowerPoint files open at once, but only one of them can be in show mode - the rest must be in edit mode.
  • Limited remote control of PowerPoint machines - This is by design. DeckTrack is not intended to be a remote control system, but rather a way to see what's happening on the PowerPoint machines. If you're interested in remote slide control, try OctoCue for remote clicking, or a remote access service like TeamViewer for full control.

Maximum connected machines

DeckTrack can monitor multiple PowerPoint machines at once and display them on your dashboard. The maximum number of machines you can connect to DeckTrack depends on your subscription plan:

  • Trial - 2 machines
  • Pro 5 - 5 machines
  • Pro 10 - 10 machines

We also offer custom packages for events that require more connections. See our pricing table for full details.