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Data sharing and management

DeckTrack allows users to monitor multiple PowerPoint presentations simultaneously. This requires data sharing, and that means data security is really important.

Basic network security

  • All data transmitted between the DeckTrack add-in and our servers is encrypted using HTTPS.
  • We have management systems in place to monitor and protect our servers from unauthorized access.
  • All our servers are hosted in secure data centers with 24/7 security and monitoring.
  • We use industry-standard security practices to protect our servers and data.
  • Management undergo regular security training to ensure they are aware of the latest threats and best practices.

Shared data

For each PowerPoint machine, the add-in shares the following data:

Computer information

  • Machine host name
  • Machine alias (if set)
  • Machine IP address
  • If the add-in is configured to share slides

PowerPoint file information

  • Presentation name
  • Presentation file path
  • The file creation date
  • The file last modified date
  • The save status of the file
  • Slide count

Slide show information

  • Presentation mode (edit/slide show)
  • Current slide number & ID
  • Build position
  • Number of builds on slide

Slide previews

For privacy reasons, slide sharing is disabled by default when a PowerPoint file is opened.

If slide sharing is enabled, DeckTrack will remember this and auto-enable slide sharing the next time this file is opened.

To stop automatic slide sharing, disable it via the ribbon and save the show.

Slide sharing can be enabled or disabled locally at any time using the ribbon controls. Slide sharing can be disabled remotely by an administrator using the DeckTrack dashboard - however, for security reasons, it cannot be enabled remotely.

Deleting data

Your DeckTrack presentation data is kept for as long as you use the same show code.

Regenerating a show code will delete all data associated with the old show code, including machine information, event logs and slide previews.

We strongly recommend that you regenerate your show code after each event to ensure that old data is deleted.

No backups of this data are kept.

View-only links are a handy way to allow others to monitor your event. However, they are only secured using the 5-digit show code, so these URLs should not be shared with anyone you do not trust.

View-only links are regenerated when you regenerate your show code.